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The world, in all it's eccentricities, has decided to punish me. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it, god damn it! It's been a shitty couple of months, though things are taking a turn for the better. I'm not going to go in to it. Those who need to know already do.

So, it's been a busy two months in general. Top stories of the last two months since I've been on hiatus:

1. Apple has made a great deal of news in the last two days. If you didn't know then you need to get out from under your rock and join the connected civilization. Go watch this:
Apple makes news (again...)
It'll do you good. I do warn you, however, that the rest of the living world is either watching this for the first time as you click the link (yes, they too were under a rock) or is watching it for the ^nth time.

2. NBC done shot themselves in the damned foot. While the official announcements have just breached within the last couple of days it's a situation that has been brewing between them and Apple for a few months. They have pulled all of their television show episodes from iTunes because they're greedy mother fuckers. That's really what it is. Who in the hell would pay $4.99 for an episode of anything?! If you buy a TV series season in the stores it'll run you about $100, making it ~$3.00 per episode. iTunes charges $2.00 per ep, which, even though I don't purchase stuff from iTunes at this point, seems relatively cheap comparatively. I hate greed, almost as much as I hate stoopud come to think of it...

3. Baren has come back to the world of the living! I say that not because he's a zombie now but because I just can't imagine there being much life without being connected...

4. Macrosucks (read Microsoft) is making huge headway in the computer an gaming industry with the launch of a Halo 3 XBox and Halo 3 itself, along with the news that they will release SP1 for Vista in Q1 2008. Now, this is all in the future, but it's still noteworthy news. I still have to wonder what the hell they were thinking with the Zune and why they continue to release operating systems (can you call it that if they don't operate well?) when they know they're broken...

5. KDE, one of the many available window managers (? still don't know how to define it to be honest...) for Linux, Unix and BSD (among others) announced a final date for their much anticipated 4.0 release to be some time early Q4 2007. The myriad of enhancements made, including, but not limited to, native XGL support, will make it the single most advanced window manager (? again) in creation (is it still opinion if it's fairly accepted fact?). I personally look forward to this newest release and plan on updating my OS (again), Sabayon Linux, as soon as they integrate KDE 4.

I think that's all I want to talk about for the time being. I would like to delve deeper in to some of these topics soon, but now's not the time. Next update will be about my experiences with Sabayon Linux 3.4e. (Hint: I like it a lot so far.)

DF of the week
The whiners who complain about some of the changes made to pricing from Apple, announced 09042007. I understand why you're pissed, honestly. I was a little miffed that six weeks after I got pai, my MacBook, they dropped the price $50 and gave the same level 1 Gig of RAM and an 80 GB HD. Honestly, I understand... to a point.

Apple dropped the price of the iPhone two months after it's launch by $200. Early adopters have to suffer that. It happens, you should know the consequences. Dumbass.

They're charging $.99 to make an iTunes song, which you already paid for, in to a 30 second ring tone. Ok. First why can't your phone just fucking ring? No, I'm not using an actual phone ringer type ring tone, but that's because I can't hear the damned thing. But there's no reason in the whole of existence to have your damn phone blast some shitty rap song when someone calls! Do you have any idea how annoying that is? And I sure as hell don't want to hear your phone completely mangle The Eagles 'Hotel California' ever again. You want music listen to a CD or your (insert portable digital music player here).

I have to deal with the fact that just three months ago I paid $349 for my 80G iPod and now there's a 160G in the same price spot. How pissed do you think I should be? Not very. Even I'm searching for shit to fill the damned thing up with! I don't think I need 160G worth of music, let alone the video I hardly ever watch (I watch video podcasts on a regular basis; that's usually the extent of my iPod video enjoyment).

Please, stop the bitching. I don't care. Nobody else should either. If you're that pissed off send a letter to Apple. I'm sure they have a Capuchan who's more than willing to burn your rant for you.

DISCLAIMER: That last commment should in no way be misconstrued in to my telling anyone that Apple's customer service sucks monkey balls. I've had nothing but positive experiences with every Apple anyone I've ever communicated with. The monkey is the one with a grudge against you.

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