Just a quickie for everyone: I'm working on a full-fledged article right now. Couple things to think about while you wait:

Linux would not exist were it not for Linus Torvalds (no shit, right?) But it also wouldn't exist were it not for Richard Stallman and Bill Gates too. I can't wait for the flame war this one might start...

I've said many times, thanks to Squall, that Emacs isn't a text editor, it's an operating system. But I saw something new recently, that it's a thermonuclear word processor. Just kinda funny.

Last, if you want to see what the spurning thoughts for this article were, go to here:
and here:

Gryyphyn, out.



It's official, I've finally become an amateur author! I just uploaded my first fanfic "Enmity" to Portkey. It's a Harry Potter fanfic that takes place eight years after book 7. Thought you might want to know...

Gryyphyn, out.