I love it when stuff just works

I really love it when things just work. Especially things that just don't work in the beginning.

For those of you who are unaware I purchased a Gigabit ethernet card recently (Linksys eg1032 v 3.0) and haven't been able to get it to work. Ever. Well Sabayon, my new favorite distribution in the entirety of creation, detected my Gb card after I re-seated it (turns out the power connector for my AGP card worked it loose during my last cleaning and I didn't check).

Now openSuSE has detected the card before but it's never worked, even following the instructions on the LQ boards. So, as much for me to remember as for you to get the solution, here's what I had to go through after I re-seated the card:

run the command 'ifconfig eth1 [address]' to set the ip addr (dhcpd isn't picking it up but this is a command that can be entered in your profile script)
get knetwork manager to recognize it as the primary network device

What, you were expecting more? That's seriously it. I thought I'd have to modify config files again! No. Sabayon just detected the card, correctly might I add, selected the right driver (r8169 in this case; fucking miracle with this card I tell you...), defaulted it to Gb mode on full duplex and brought it up. I love Sabayon.

Do me a favor: if I ever change distros again please, please make sure I didn't violate my ethics and take a bribe, mkay?

Gryyphyn, out.

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  1. A couple years ago I had an ethernet card do that to me, turns out a tiny piece of packing foam had inadvertently fallen into the pci slot at some point before or during install. Couldn't tell you how I missed it, but I did. That card popped out at least 3 times before I noticed that little bitty piece of foam in there. Weird eh!?

    Linksys makes great switches, but as far as my experience reaches I have never played with a Linksys network card. What's the performance like?


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