The coolest fucking thing you've ever seen...

And I promise what the title of this post says. I was turned on to it by Squall. And, now that I have it running, it's the most fun I've ever had with a computer. Including free porn.

Beryl, Compiz and Xgl
First there was Xgl, an OpenGL implementation for XWindows and X.org (etc...) and for a time it was good. But it wasn't being utilized (unless you count screen savers, which I don't). Then came Compiz and, while it's a fantastic implementation of OpenGL for the Linux desktop (thank's Novell!) there wasn't too awful much you could do with it (I can hear the complaints now...). Then came Beryl. "And on the 42nd of Juvembtober he grabbed a beer and ejoyed his work."

Beryl is the coolest goddamned thing I've ever seen for a computer. Ever. Better than the internet (well, maybe not the internet, but definitely better than the intrawebs). I'd love to be able to explain this in my usual flowery way with big words that don't make sense to 80% of the unwashed asses but I can't. Words fail. So I'll let YouTube do it for me:

That's only a little bit of what it can do. Three hours fucking around with it and I've only played with maybe half. Aero can kiss ma ass (could from the start, but yeah). Aqua, I love you and you're easy to use, but I like Beryl more.

Thank you Linus
Let us give thanks to that which started it all. To the tiniest of programs which runs the largest of computers. To the innocuous little guy that keeps everything running, never stopping, never complaining, and only rarely panicking (usually due to some stupid BKAC (think PEBKAC) error). That fantastic monolithic creation called the kernel and it's creator, the Helsinki Hellian (I don't know either...), Linus Torvalds. I tip my hat to you sir for showing the way and ignoring the people who said it couldn't be done, shouldn't be done or wouldn't be done. We (now this is where you all put fingers to brow) salute you. Semper fu, tarry on.

Gryyphyn, out.