Thinking hurts!

Finished Ergo Proxy
And you know what?
None of my fucking questions were answered! Have you ever watched Serial Experiments Lain? (Quick side note while we're on that subject: a show about the wired doesn't have it's own website...) Ok, now have you ever watched Neon Genesis Evangelion? Yeah. Put those two together with a little Laughing Man and there you have the ending for Ergo Proxy. It gives a little more explanation in to the underlying problems that the series posed but doesn't really answer the damned question.

All in all, though, I still highly recommend it. Good watch, good animation, good scripting, blah blah blah. Everything you could want, including language, violence, deep story, attractive characters of both sexes (even some robots, mrowr!), and enough underlying psychoanalytical forethought to keep even me busy. Seriously. And I have a teacher with a masters in clinical psychology to turn to for answers!

Back to NGE
For those of you who may not know yet, and how could you not, NGE has four new movies coming out starting this summer. This is to be a clear departure from the normal storylines and will chronicle more of the teenage, angsty shit we seem to love and eat up in the states. But did you know this isn't a new concept?

On the contrary, Neon Genesis Evangelion: R is a full-fledged fan fiction and doujinshi. And it rocks! There's fan art, the fiction itself, and a manga to go with it. Go and read it, monkeys!

Real life recap (feel free to skip this part...)
Over the last two months I've been updating more and more. I'm trying to purge my brain here. I've been in the process of writing no fewer than three books and two fan fictions for anywhere between 3 years and 4 months and I keep getting sidetracked. In an effort to keep my mind on track I've been focusing more on getting my brain to turn off, getting it to turn back on and getting all of the shit out of the way that keeps me from focusing. I think it's working.

Part of this is to empty my mind on to this place. Maybe if I dump enough of the practiced motions and emotions I'm forced to go through in my every-day life I can feng shui my sorry excuse for a brain back in to the raw, powerful form it once was. No sign of humility there...

What's more I'm getting ready to graduate from college. I'm the first in my family, out to four points, that I'm aware of that will finish college in shit knows how long. This is another thing I need to rid my mind of: the friggin' worry of everything after that. I've not come to it yet and shouldn't have to deal with it yet.

I still don't feel better.

And we're back.
So, want to hear about more stupid fuckers? Well I have a great one for you.

"Duh, I'm your customer! Don't you know you're supposed to lie down on the floor while I step on your balls? Let me tell you how to do your job why don't ya?!"

Yeah, we got ourselves a live one here. Dumb-ass actually told me he knew how I was supposed to do my job. Tell me something unwashed asses (tee hee: a Barenism!): Do you really expect people to hand you everything in your sorry fucking life? Did it never occur to you that my saying "no" actually means no? Well, I'm sorry that I can't fulfill your every fucking wish because you think you're more important than me. Tell you what: you give me your product for free and I'll give you mine for free. Fair trade, no? No? Oh, sorry, you want free stuff. Well too fucking bad, asshole!

Seriously. Guy wanted me to give him free shit left and right because "I spent money on your company and without it you'd go under". Yeah, no. He spent $200 on eBay. The real thing costs $750 and that's our cheapest device by some $7,999,250. No joke at all. I work for the second largest networking company in the world and $200 doesn't mean shit to me. The bonus? If he wants what he's asking for it's going to cost him twice as much because he didn't go about things the right way.

The moral? Play by the rules, no matter how stupid they are. That's seriously it.

Gryyphyn, out.

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  1. Hey Chuck! It's Kari from Tokyo's. You should give James Gunn's blog a read. I think you'd like him. He directed Dawn of the Dead and Slither! He's funny as shit, and my favorite screenwriter to boot. This is probably only 'cause I have a penchant for B-rated horror films, and so does he.



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