The Human Condition

So, the human condition is a major philosophical debate. We're all subject to external forces that cause us anxiety. How we deal with these occurences is defined in part by genetics, learned behaviours, programmed responses and our cognitive processes.

In my last update I was pissed. I'm not so much anymore, at least not at the target of my initial anxiety. My perception was that I was betrayed by management. Instead I was betrayed by a coworker, stabbed in the back in effect. As a result I confronted the previously stated person in a dignified, professional manner and, although I saved face by how I handled the situation I still managed to make myself look like an ass.

In summation: I still hate most of the people in this fucking place, though I can add one more person to my white list. And there's still very, very few deserving people who are on my black list. I love the world in grey.

Who's on the list
Black list:
1. Osama Bin Laden: Go fuck yourself. You're a pissed off child because somebody else has something that you want: freedom of choice.
2. Sadam Hussein: Go have a little oni rape your ass while you're in hell. You were pissed because we wouldn't let you control the world. Boo. Fucking. Hoo.
3. My ex: How can you take an honest apology for a wrong done and turn it in to an insult? Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
4. Every racist, biggoted motherfucker out there: If you feel it necessary to berate someone just because of their fucking skin you can just walk right the hell of a cliff, without a parachute or an ice-cube, right in to the pit of eternal torment.

Grey list:
Everyone not mentioned in the white or black list. There's many levels in here. I'm almost entirely indifferent to your existence.

White list:
A select, few people who know who they are. If they don't then they're probably in the grey.

When all else fails...
Take out your aggressions on video games! Or rather on real life depictions of annoying, invasive game characters.

I highly suggest that everybody in the world do one of the following things:

Break something. Not a stick, not a pencil. Break something that makes lots of noise. Glass makes fantastic noise...

Get some of that bubble wrap stuff and pop the ever living shit out of it. Or, better yet, wrap yourself and a friend in it and have a sumo match!

Yell at someone. Just once fly off the handle in the parking lot at the piece of shit who took the parking spot that you weren't in yet but were closer to than he/she was. There's something great about berating another person for being a perfect asshole.

Get laid. Or buy a porno. They're kinda the same thing unless your married. And don't take my advice as license to not use some kind of contraceptive: there's enough of you running around as it is.

Dumb fucker of the week
Captain Jim Kirk, USS Enterprise NCC1701 ("No bloody A, B, C or D." Scotty, ST:TNG)
If you've watched the original series you know why he's here. Who could be worse to captain the flagship of the UFP? Maybe Gomer Pyle...

Gryyphyn, out.

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