Have you ever...

Have you ever...
Have you ever had a day that just seems to drag you through razors? How about a situation that acts like a black hole, sucking you in to a pit of torment that is inescapable? An occurence that you not only created but continued to foster until it reached the breaking point? You should try it. It's a very sobering experience to have.

Shall we try to make better reading?
Hey, what do you know? I actually have a decent life. I've spent the last couple of months amassing a collections of books. Now that the government has finally, after three and a half months, decided I can have my money back I've gone and made improvements to Motoko, my PC (it just seems wrong to call her a 'PC').

Her new upgrades consist of:
An Asus 6600LE video card;
A FujiPlus 19" LCD Monitor;
And a DVD burner with a free 25 pack of DVD-R media.

WARNING: Shameless plug alert! I got all of the parts from Newegg. I was fairly impressed with the service, though it did take some time to contact their billing department when there was a problem (about an hour). Not bad though.

I received the drive and media last night. For being refurbished equipment (the drive, not the media) I am fairly impressed. Nothing was scratched, the software bundle was intact and the drive is pretty freaking quiet. I burned my first DVD last night (yes, Motoko broke my cherry again ^_^) with the drive and it seemed to do okay. I still have a couple gripes about Nero but hey, who doesn't?

I haven't received the monitor or video card yet so keep watching for a review of the hardware.

What about that first thought?
Well... That thought at the top of the post is hard to explain. If you've read my previous posts (and damn you if you haven't!) then you'd know my life is usually sugarcoated shit. This this week, today in particular, has been the culmination of a storm front. Now that storm is threatening to tear down everything in my life. What a fun fucking day this has been.

But enough of that shit, let's get back to the good stuff, mwahaha...

Who's the dumbfuck today?
Let me give a quick shout out to Hellen Powers of KBER 101.1 radio in Salt Lake City, UT. You, my dear child, have the best theme song ever. What? You've never heard the song? I'll give you the lyrics. You can set them to pretty much any childs song and it will sound good.
"Dumbass roundup here to stay. Dumbass roundup... have a nice day!"

So it's only Wednesday night, not the end of the week yet, and I already know what the dumbest fucking question of the week is:
"Why is corn the second most evil vegetable?"
My answer:
"Because brussel sprouts are the absolute worst, therefore making them 'el numero uno'. But the reason it's on the list is there's no other edible substance on the planet that you can chew the hell out of and still shit whole kernels. It's the same way with creamed corn and tortilla chips." That's just vile.

But it is the truth.

The "piece de resistance": Links
The Prince of Nothing series by R. Scott Bakker
Megatokyo web/print comic by Fred Gallagher
Half Life site with all of the information you'll ever need about the greatest game series ever. Yes, I'm sorry to say that it really is better than Final Fantasy. (Now Baren's really going to kill me for making such a sacriligious comment.)
And last but not least my other best friend Squall's blog. Be gentle, he's just been let out of the cage and hasn't eaten for a while.

Final thought
Did I just taste purple for a second?

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