Leaving Facebook

In order to maintain my final post to Facebook I'm posting it here. I don't feel it necessary to offer any further explanation.


I'm leaving Facebook. Beyond the constant invites to attention trap games that promote the wasting of ridiculous amounts of time I have, for the last time, had to witness someone expressing themselves by sharing their hobbies and beliefs be attacked by the unconscionable stupidity of the unwashed asses that populate this country. I'm tired of comments from PETArds saying people like me are evil because we like to hunt. I'm tired of hearing that people like me are evil because we don't believe in Jesus like the rest of the sheep. And I'm tired of people like me being called evil because I believe it's a persons choice to have an intimate relationship with someone of the same sex or opposite sex or they choose to undergo transgender operations. I'm tired of being thought of as wrong-headed because I like guns. I'm infuriated with a public that feels it's acceptable to stomp on the freedoms of others for their own personal beliefs. Do I take it personally? Do I feel that it's a personal attack on me when someone makes a comment about a belief I hold even if I'm not the target? Your absolutely fucking right I do! Why? Because the world isn't faceless. Organizations are made up of individuals, not a faceless crowd. There are real people behind those banners. You want to be insulting? Bring it on, I don't care. I'm more than capable of discussing my viewpoint with intelligent discourse. But Facebook isn't intelligent. Some, and I mean that for the smallest measurable population of accounts on the site, are capable of clearly communicating and assimilating new information. But the larger population on the site seems not to have two brain cells to rub together among them. If you really want to talk to me I'm on G+. But I refuse to maintain an account on a site that refuses to remain professionally detached from the content of the site. And to be clear, since someone will invariably consider this 'hate speech', it's not you that I hate on a personal level. It's your complete fucking lack of common sense and apparent lack of education I hate. As a final note I refuse to censor my language: every single word, save PETArd and it's derivations, is in the Oxford dictionary and was used correctly within the context of it's use. PETArd, and it's derivations, is the unique invention of myself and may be used under the Creative Commons Attribution license. And please, do use it!/*/

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