Ok, that was short...

So my analysis was short. It just ended. Oh well, previous statement stands.

Republicans after talking about 'the message resonate[ing] with the american people' is a load of horse shit. Much of what he does and says is contrary to the will of the people of this country. And that does not include he illegal immigrants. And no, they're not 'migrant workers'. They don't work, they weren't invited and they're not welcome if they do not follow the process required to legally enter this country.

Enough ranting. I'd rather have someone who is willing to do the work rather than talk about it. I'm tired of hearing 'this is where the hard work begins', which this Republican representative on CNBC has said 7 times in the last five minutes.

Yes, there are a few things that I agree upon in principle but I've yet to see positive actions taken on promises made and I've seen negative actions taken based upon subversive measures to hide results. The health care bill will be a great tax upon our nation supporting persons who are not putting forth effort to support themselves. This does not mean that I believe everyone taking advantage where they should makes them a leech on society. What I am saying is people who over-tax based on a burden they do not bear is what this bill is allowing.

The thought that he has championed since before his election to President was to grant amnesty to all illegal immigrants presently in the country. This tells me that Obama is not concerned with the sanctity of our country and this is contrary to the office he was elected to.

What I caught of the speech, the last 20 minutes, illustrated no difference to me from the last three years I've been watching. I believe it is time to bring impeachment procedures in to effect.

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