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This is going to be out of order in posting terms but I needed to make sure that it was posted asap. Expect more on this later.

This email is regarding the actions of the Utah Highway Patrol on 05302010. It should be noted that this email, as well as any responses to this email, will be posted on the Utah Sportbike Association forums and my blog at http://dffaq.blogspot.com/.

The actions taken by UHP on 05302010 between the exit at Miller Motorsports Park and the entrance to I-80 were atrocious. I cannot fathom what possible reasoning any official could have had for detaining for any length of time any motorcyclist under the guise of 'safety inspections'. All of the riders who had valid Utah registrations were also required to have their motorcycle inspected concurrent with Utah law within the last year. Further I personally do not know any sane rider who would willingly be on an unsafe piece of equipment. The actions of the UHP also needlessly interrupted traffic on the road for an extended period of time.

Per Utah State Code 1501 - 1536, 41-6a-1501 - 41-6a-1506, motorcycles to not need turn signals; need only one mirror; do not require passenger accommodations unless there is a passenger; and the rider does not require a helmet unless under the age of 18; a motorcycle jacket or other safety equipment. Further the bars must be below the shoulders; there is no restriction on modulated headlight or tail light; and no regulation on sound beyond what is considered "excessive or unusual noise" as defined in 41-6a-1626. (Side note: as most cruiser or 'chopper' motorcycles are at least twice as loud as any sportbike I've ever heard, one can only assume that we are within acceptable limits.)

I am requesting a formal apology to the members of the motorcycling community that were detained outside of the scope of Utah State Code during this charade of an operation. Any officer who condoned or participated in this operation should be repentant of their actions. I wasn't in attendance, yet I am outraged at these actions.

I close my thoughts with a question: To whom do we turn when we feel oppressed by those who have sworn to protect our freedoms and way of life?

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