My recent letter to the editor of Time.

Thought someone may enjoy this. And I wanted to post it for posterity's sake...

This email is in response to a recent article,
Boom in Gun Sales Fueled by Politics and the Economy
By Sean Gregory Wednesday, Apr. 08, 2009

The headline was copied from your site.

There are two key points that I would like to comment on. First is the following:
"The gun culture is hypersensitive," says Miles Hall, an Oklahoma City gun-shop owner. "If someone sneezes in Washington, we hear it and get nervous. There's a lot of anxiety out there."
And these elected officials wonder why... We, the collective sporting shooters, have every right, cause and reason in this country to fear for our constitutionally guaranteed right to keep, bear purchase and use firearms of any variety. The alarmist bureaucrats in office currently have their heads so far up their collective rears that they can't seem to see passed their own pants to realize that the crimes committed with firearms are, by and large, committed with illegal guns, not the benchrest and hunting rifles, or sporting handguns and revolvers, that my compatriots and I use.

The second topic I would like to discuss is the recent actions of these types of politicians. In particular, NY Bloomberg's actions interfering with law enforcements efforts outside of his own jurisdiction to literally litigate law abiding citizens, entrepreneurs and businesses out of commission by conducting illegal and unsanctioned sting operations in five states. His actions alone speak to the majority of these lawmakers: sportsmen aren't the ones panicking, we're simply watching closer. These people who see their actions causing them to lose control of a situation they have no business attempting to control is causing them to commit illegal acts under the guise of enforcing laws that are themselves illegal and unconstitutional.

When do we start holding all of the criminals responsible for their actions?

Gryyphyn, out.

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