An Open Plea to United States Citizens and Patriots

I cannot honestly believe that the new CIRA bill is to be considered beneficial legislation for the United States by any organization or party in the United States. This is a terrible blow to those of us who call this nation ours. And it is ours. This new bill that that is supported by organizations such as NILC (National Immigration Law Center) and the ACLU is the most ridiculous example of poorly written law that I have seen in my entire life. And that fact that anyone considers it to be beneficial to the United States of America is absolutely ludicrous. I want my country, to which I contribute, to remain my country. If we continue the direction we are currently headed we will have to soon change our nations name to the Divided States of Mexico, Canada and America, a prospect which I don't think any true citizen would like to see happen.

This bill needs to be removed from consideration by all representatives and members of the Senate, the House of Representatives and Congress. Furthermore, any person who suggests legislation such as this and calls it beneficial, honest and constitutional needs to be tried and convicted of treason against the United States in federal court and thrown in a maximum security federal penitentiary for a good, long while for suggesting that we hand over our country for free to the rest of the world.

Here we are, the year 2007, and every honest American sees the problems with illegal immigration, lack of jobs and the problems presented by the amount of illegal immigrants on the health care, welfare and school funding monies available in the United States and wonders why we have these problems. Unconstitutional bills, such as the proposed CIRA legislation, violate America in unnameable ways and hamper the ability for lawful American citizens to receive the benefits guaranteed to them by the existing legislation. Rather than the assistance for health care going to the employed Americans that pay for it through taxes the money is given away to illegal immigrants who have never paid taxes in their lives and most likely have never worked in the United States, either legally or illegally.

I've spent enough time being nice. This must all stop immediately. I am very, very tired of paying for every illegal immigrant to get their 'free' health care. I'm tired of seeing myself and my friends have to jump through hoops, often on to a bed of spikes, just to get a job, and more often than not be denied because the employer is either cheap or afraid of things like Affirmative Action and the ACLU.

Throw every single illegal immigrant out of the United States and give me back my country. I do not want illegal immigrants here taking my money and taking advantage of me. I never did want them here an never did I abide them being here. If you want them so bad then you clothe, feed and house them on your own because I won't. If their country is so damned horrible then they can spend the time making it better like I have, like my parents have, and like every generation of my family, who immigrated here legally, (a concept I do not have a problem with) has done for the last 180+ years.

Call me a bigot if you want. Because I hereby declare that you and your compatriots are unpatriotic and treasonous if you and yours support such legislation. And if I had the power and means I would indict every single supporter for exactly that: treason.

Since I will most likely be misunderstood by sending this letter to the people that I have sent it to openly, please allow me to state one fact that must not be omitted and must be taken in to consideration: all of the subject matter contained in this letter is in reference to illegal immigrants. I have no problem with naturalized citizens, legal immigrants and those who apply for their work visa within 90 days of coming to the United States, with the following provisions: if they choose to bring their families to America their family must apply for their visa or full citizenship within the same 90 day period after arrival and they must all learn English within two years of entry. I do not ask that they write a doctoral thesis to illustrate their knowledge of the English language, simply that they be able to communicate with me in the language of my country, the same country they chose to immigrate to.

I implore you, as an American Citizen, as a taxpayer and on a moral and ethical level: if you support the bill, or legislation that is similar, please stop supporting this bill. If you oppose such legislation, or this bill in particular at least, you have my thanks. Please, have the bill rescinded. Burn it on the steps of Capital Hill in front of all America. Do the right thing.

*Copies of this letter or links to my blog, where it will also be posted in it's entirety, have been sent to the following recipients:
Senator Orrin Hatch (Utah)
Senator Rob Bennet (Utah)
Representative Rob Bishop (Utah)
Representative Chris Cannon (Utah)
Representative Jim Matheson (Utah)
The ACLU, Utah branch (aclu@acluutah.org)
AAAA (American Association for Affirmative Action) (ExecAdminAsst@affirmativeaction.org)
NILC (National Imigration Law Center) (info@nilc.org)

If you have received this letter and believe in it's spirit please forward it on to your constituents, like minded or not.

Chuck 'Gryyphyn' Crosthwait
American citizen, 9th generation+

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