Yarr matey! There be comics here!

New web comics
So I found some new web comics today
. PA had a link to it, I think. Soze I thinks to meeself "Sure, why not? Gabe and Tycho love me, right?" and I goze to teh site. Funny shit there. It's actually a partnered list of some web comics and I started at the top with Action Trip. The comic is OK, though a little out of context if you either a) don't work in the worlds they talk about (i.e., WoW) or b) just aren't in to the occasional B-rated humor, but it's funny for the most part. And they have nakeds! Lots of them! A new hot chick of the day contest every day! And they just released their hot chick of the year awards!

Not as high-quality as the stuff I normally read (e.g., MegaTokyo) but it's good. Haven't checked out the others yet but I think I'll like most of them...

Some new reading material
So I've finnaly picked up the Inheritance series. This is the one Eragon comes from. I've been wanting to read it for a while now. Christmas was good to me. I didn't get any gifts to speak of but was able to buy some things for some of my best friends (Baren, yours is coming soon...) and some stuff for myself that I've needed. I spent damn near $100 at Barnes and Noble alone. Then went to a really cool home decor store called Tai Pan Trading Co. I found a lot of cool stuff there, not the least of which is candles I actually like. Haven't found any of those since Glifx went out of business. If you have one near you I highly suggest you at least go browse for shits and giggles.

Yeah, I'm done now. I'm keeping a promise to keep my posts shorter. I guess it can be a real drag to wade through all of the shit I write sometimes.

Check the link in the title.

Gryyphyn, out.

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