Smash my PS3!

Smash my fucking $600 PS3!
Yeah! Smash the holy living shit out of it!
Why? Because you can! I love SmashMyPS3.com! It's fucking hilarious! Go, watch, enjoy.

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Smash My XBox (360)
Coming soon...
Smash My Wii (Nintendo)

Begin edit...
I forgot to add this:
I'm an asshole!
This guy's a serious piece of shit. Everyone knows (or should know...) that I hate stupid people. Everybody also knows (or again, should know...) that Sony owns half of my soul. Probably more. But I was cheering for this one. Hell, I've been waiting for it since the announcement of the PS3! I hate stupid people.

Stupid-assed comment of the week!
"I hope that you all put up douchebag comments and I hope a big pile of shit falls on them!"

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